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A Return to Center

Consultation services for homeowners, business owners, self-development devotees and adventure seekers.

Resources, tools and programs for assisting you in creating abundance, fulfillment and the life you have envisioned.

Taking you on great journeys

Through your homes, work spaces and
outdoor living areas
to the depths and heights
of your inner and outer environments.

Discover untapped potential and realize your visions
with the help of the following services:


Feng shui, the art of placement, has been used to assist people in bringing greater health, prosperity and harmony to their lives.  You will gain a better understanding of your space and how it relates to your life.  Design “on purpose” with intention.


Our “stuff” can support us in moving forward with our lives or can impede us and create obstacles.  Organizing our things and finding the appropriate places for them will affect how easily or difficult it is for us to navigate our lives.


Color is vibration.  It affects us at our deepest levels, influences our moods, health and well-being.  Color feeds us.  Choosing colors that are right for you and your space is essential for you to feel your best.

Discover your passion

Uncover hidden talents

Reclaim your joy

Through the process of transforming your environment

Your Life will be changed.


Residential Consultations                   Virtual Consultations                Clutter Clearing Consultations

 Business Consultations                      Color Consultations                         Landscape Consultations



Feng Shui offers a way to participate
more consciously in our lives

Residential Feng Shui Consultations are ideal for those wanting to optimize their space and their lives.  Receive a “map” of where places in your house and areas of your life overlap along with guidance on adjustments necessary to bring your environment into alignment with your current goals and desires. 


Business Feng Shui Consultations can improve your bottom line, enhance your reputation in the community and support relationships with customers and employees.   These are tailored to the unique needs of each business.  Based on the size and scope of the business.



Virtual Consultations available for long distance clients

Have you outgrown the fabrics, style and colors of your decor?  Do you just want to freshen up?  A color consultation may be what you are looking for.   If you don’t totally love the colors you’re living with, it may be time for a Color Consultation.

Ideal for :

  • Moving into a new place
  • Updating home/office
  • Empty Nesters
  •  Kids/parents moving in
  • Newlyweds
  • Moving to assisted living
  •  Blended Families
  • Those looking to optimize their space
  • Those freshening their space
  • Those wanting to enrich their space


Landscape Consultations are to help you create balanced, inviting landscapes.  From adding missing elements to a total makeover, they can be as simple or extensive as needed.

Clutter Clearing Consultations offer professional guidance to  help you navigate through years of belongings or simply to assist in organizing your space.   Receive help  in where to begin, how to proceed and deciding what to keep and what to let go of.

Ideal for :

  • Downsizing
  • Moving out of a home/office
  • Moving into a home/office
  • Putting a house up for sale
  • Empty Nesters
  •  Kids/parents moving in
  • Newlyweds
  • Moving to assisted living
  •  Blended Families
  • Those feeling sluggish and seeking more clarity
  • Those feeling overwhelmed
  • Those feeling stuck
  • Those looking to optimize their space


Comments from CLIENTS

I asked Terri to come up to my home and help me decide what colors I should use in each room to create balance, warmth and creativity. My small cabin is located in the woods where it is quite dark.  Terri came up and spent several hours talking to me about my life, goals and feelings concerning my home.  She brought color cards and used her knowledge in the field of Feng Shui to help me select the perfect colors for both upstairs and downstairs in my home.   I followed her suggestions and both my husband and I were so happy with the results.  The colors were perfect.  It made our home brighter, warmer and more welcoming.  Our guests love our cabin and now call it “magical”.   I would recommend Terri Jiang to everyone.

Kim Hainge

Terri’s work in my office space was extremely helpful.  I feel she enhanced the comfort and safety of my patients and the working relationships of my staff.  The day to day flow of work has become easier and the staff  has recognized the benefits of Terri’s work.  I am scheduling my next consultation with her on my home and can’t wait!                

Dawn Rouse, Owner

Perfect Balance Physical Therapy

I had been avoiding redecorating my house because the project was too overwhelming to me.  Terri put me at ease and brought out the decorator in me.  I can honestly say that redecorating is fun now. 

Tina Rubenstein


Additional Resources

Discover and develop your inner world with

suggested reading lists, color charts and questionnaires

Intuition Development


Creative Expression



Creative Life Interiors


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