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Health and Wellness

There are many things that determine our health and sense of well-being.  According to Feng Shui, the Health and Family Area is located on the left center part of the building, orienting from the front door.  In some Feng Shui schools, the Health Area is associated with the center of the building.  Regardless of which approach you take or if you use both areas to represent Health, our quality of life and our experiences are directly related to our health.  And most times, if any other area of our life is out of order or under challenges/stress, it will have an effect on our health.  For these reasons, it is best to do all we can to support ourselves in our spaces – surround yourself with things you love and make you feel good.  Choose to keep things around you that bring joy and comfort.  Release things that do anything less than that and repair things that are broken or out of order.  Being surrounded by things that don’t make us feel good on a daily basis will eventually wear down our health. 

There are systems available from Traditional Chinese Medicine that connect our organ systems with our emotions.  Through this system, when we are having issues with particular body parts, we can use the emotions associated with the organ system to address the underlying emotional issues that may be creating the imbalance.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 major organ systems and a major emotion connected to each:


There are also times of the day that Organ Systems are associated with according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  As seen in the chart below, each organ system governs a 2 hour interval: