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Ch’i Enhancers

Ch’i Enhancers are anything that gets the energy moving in a space.  Human Beings and pets are the best Ch’i Enhancers.  The more time you spend in a space the more the energy is being activated in that space.  Be aware of where you spend the most time in your home – also be aware of the areas where you spend the least time in.

Why might you want to enhance a part of your space?  Perhaps you are changing jobs and are wanting to support the area of your home relating to your life’s journey and opportunities.  Maybe you are ready for a long-term intimate relationship.  You may keep hurting yourself or experiencing health issues and may want to balance this area.  Whatever the reason, there are all kinds of ways to get the energy moving or more balanced in your space to support you with your intentions.

CRYSTALS  –  Round and faceted crystals are used to circulate Energy

LIGHTING – Electric, candles, oil, natural sunlight

LIVING THINGS – Plants, flowers, animals

MIRRORS – In general the bigger the better except in the bedroom

OBJECTS OF NATURE – Rocks, shells, potpourri

SOUND MAKERS – Wind Chimes, bells, music, instruments

WATER FEATURES – Fountains, waterfalls, ponds, birdbaths

WIND DANCERS – Mobiles, whirligigs, flags, banners, weather vanes

ART – Paintings, sculptures, collages, collections, textiles

COLORS – Surround yourself with the ones you love