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Handling Change

According to Caroline Myss, “The goal of becoming a conscious person is not to outwit death, nor even to become immune to disease.  The goal is to be able to handle any and all changes in our lives – and in our bodies – without fear, looking only to absorb the message of truth contained in the change.”

What is it that triggers fear in you?  Is it lack of resources, loss of a partner, threats to physical safety, discomfort with the unknown?


As we explore our insecurities and fears and allow them to inform us, we can discover what is beneath the surface of some of our behaviors and motivations.  Addressing the fears, understanding them and allowing ourselves to heal from the new perspectives we gain over time will free us from automatic responses and ingrained behaviors.  It will give us the freedom of choice and movement so that we may co-create our lives and our future.

Everything is always Changing is one of the Basic Principles of Feng Shui.  As we accept this truth,  we will find ways to allow change to support us in our lives, to present new opportunities and to grow us into our fullness.  

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