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Name It

According to feng shui, Everything is Alive.  We know that people, animals, plants are alive but according to feng shui inanimate objects such as tables, pictures, even your house are all alive.  Quantum physics has proven that molecules/particles make up everything – everything is energy and everything is vibration.


Not only are inanimate objects alive based on quantum physics, they are also “alive” with the associations and attachments we place on things.  For example, if you are given a gift by a relative you are not in good relationship with and you place this gift in the center of your coffee table, it is possible it will upset you every time you see if because it reminds you of the person who gave it to you.  Another example would be if your child or grandchild gives you a drawing and you put it on the refrigerator and every time you see it you smile because it reminds you of him/her.  It works both ways – our things may disturb us or they may support and empower us depending on what we choose to surround ourselves with.


   So why not name your house?  Our houses take on a unique feeling – some more feminine, some more masculine and some more neutral with qualities of both.  Some feel older, some feel younger and more playful.  You can even ask your house what it would like to be called.  The same way children and dogs have different natures, our houses are expressing their nature – we just have to pay attention.  You can develop a relationship with your house and be in regular communication with it.  Remember to thank you house for keeping you protected, for offering a place for your family to come together and for providing you with comfort and beauty.  And it doesn’t hurt to ask the house if there is anything you can do for it, clean your air filters, freshen up the paint in the bathroom, clean the gutters?  Your house will appreciate your attention and will offer a loving space in return.

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