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Why plant a garden?

Why plant a garden? Whether you’re growing vegetables because you like the fresh taste or planting flowers for bees to have a feeding ground, it is easy to be reminded of natural cycles as you begin spending more time outdoors. The Earth, soil, water, sun and Nature work together from growth to flowering to decay. Gardening makes it easy to become more connected to natural cycles.

nurture your inner garden

There are also many aspects of gardening that have symbolism for our own lives. Take a seed for example. A seed is potential energy. It is complete and stores all the information required for a flower or plant to come to life and blossom or produce fruit. But it is only stored energy until the necessary elements are available for it to come into its fullness. Soil, water, sun.

Human Beings are like seeds. Each of us has potential energy within us that will express itself brilliantly when the necessary elements are available. Like a seed in soil, we have to know we are accepted as we are for who we are and feel comfortable in the environment we are in. Surround yourself in your living space with things that you love and that support you.

Like water, our being has to be fed with healthy foods, thoughts and people that will encourage us to grow. Keep your environment clean, fresh and flowing – old things going out, new things coming in.

And like the sun, we each have to have opportunities and experiences that promote growth. Make choices that will push the limits of what you have known so that you can have new experiences. Find ways to share your skills and talents with those who would benefit from them. Spend time in nature reconnecting with natural rhythms. Explore things that bring you joy.

Why plant a garden? Because it’s good for the Earth and it’s good practice for life.

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