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Claim Your Space

Many of us share our living space with other human beings.  Even if you are living in a space with no one else, you may share a work environment with others.  In either case, it is important for our well-being that each person living or working in the space has an area to call their own.


This often means one of the people living in the space gets a less than desirable place to claim as their own.  Although household duties are being shared more equitably these days, the man of the house may be relegated to the garage or shed and the woman may get the laundry area or kitchen as “her” space. 
It is not enough for someone to call a space their own simply because they spend a good amount of time there.  For our own well-being, it is important that we have an area in our living space that we can decorate, create, fill with things that nurture us and bring us joy without anyone else participating.  (That means no going in and re-arranging or cleaning or removing objects in the others’ space)


It is not necessary and not always possible to have an entire room to yourself.  A desktop, wall, bureau or corner is enough.  Just make it your own.  Place objects there that are specifically for supporting yourself.  They may be sentimental items, they may be photos of loved ones, they may be spiritual symbols or souvenirs from a special vacation.  Whatever feeds you at an essential level needs to be represented in this place.
Everyone who lives in the space must know which spaces are considered “claimed” and are untouchable by the others.  That means no one can mess with your blue ribbons for best canned beans and you can’t mess with the stuffed rainbow trout on the wall. But hopefully,everyone living in the space will feel represented, validated and supported.

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