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Embrace Change

Our world is in the midst of unprecedented change.  From weather and climate change to political upheaval and uncertainty, these are times of huge planetary and world changes.  Simultaneously, we are all undergoing our own personal changes finding ways to make our voices heard, sharing our talents, managing health issues, resolving relationship crises, etc.


 Like the eclipse, that took place on August 21, 2017, nature is always changing.  The seasons change, the moon goes through its phases, plants and animals reproduce and die.  Our bodies are always changing as well, creating new cells and eliminating what we no longer need.  Children grow, adults grow older and new babies are born.
   The cycle of life is always changing.  As human beings, we tend to resist this truth.  Change is feared and seen as a threat to our well-being.


Human beings gravitate toward familiar and comfortable.  Fear has been defined as what we experience when we’ve hit the edges of our known reality.  Change can trigger fear.  It can take us beyond what we’ve known up to this moment in time.  It can challenge us to look at things differently, to learn new skills, to go beyond what we’ve known before.  It is one thing to rationally understand that everything is always changing.  It is another thing to embrace and welcome change in your daily life and experience.  It requires shifting your beliefs around change and giving yourself permission to return to the natural curiosity and fearlessness you possessed as a 3 and 4 year-old.  Back then if you were riding a tricycle and fell off, you’d get right back up and keep going.  The sheer thrill of playing with your friends outweighed the possibility of a scraped knee.  Is it possible to view change as a good thing and welcome it into our lives?    

Looking back at some of the changes you have been asked to go through, perhaps now you can appreciate the purpose for the changes.  Perhaps you have gratitude for some of the most challenging changes you were asked to go through because of how you’ve grown from going through them.  Imagine, how would your life be if things were still the same and they hadn’t changed?
The only thing we can be certain of is change.  What a different experience life will be if we can go through change not with fists clenched but with arms open, embracing change.

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