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Happy New Year

Happy New Year of the Yin Fire Rooster.  


Along with the new moon on January 28, 2017, we will officially welcome the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. Many of us have already begun feeling the energies of the rooster year.

​Every Chinese Year is considered Yin or Yang.  With this being a Yin year, more attention will be directed inward.  There will be more energy for balancing things within yourself, within your home, within your family and within your community.  Every Chinese Year is also associated with one of the 5 elements.  The Fire element brings with it energy for action, initiation, physical activity and expressions of the heart.  There will be plenty of opportunities to express kindness within our families and our neighborhoods and communities.  The more we share ourselves in kindhearted and compassionate ways, the more we and the people around us will benefit.


 As shared by Karen Abler Carrasco, Essential Feng Shui Practitioner with the Western School of Feng Shui, 
“. . . the rooster feels deeply its responsibilities to the entire barnyard. The rooster tends to the roost, and the flock who lives there. To any problem or task that needs doing, the rooster says “If not me, then who?”’
For a more in depth look at the characteristics of
the new year, enjoy reading her entire article at
Use the energies of the new year to support you in taking a fresh look at what you are surrounding yourself with.  Go to the places in your home where you feel led to stir up stagnant energy and create greater flow by removing, releasing or repositioning items.  It really can breathe new life into places where you’ve felt unsupported or experienced more challenges.  The easier it is for the Life Force or Ch’i to circulate within and around your space, the more the areas of your life will be nourished and flourish.

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