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Harmony occurs when parts are working together well.  It can be heard in music, it can be seen in paintings, it can be experienced in an environment and it can be felt within yourself.  Harmony enriches the experience and it feels good. 


Harmony can also enhance balance and help us feel in greater alignment with our space and ourselves.  As seen in the yin yang picture to the right, it requires integration of different parts to create harmony.  There is dark within the light and light within the dark.  They each contain aspects of the other and are interconnected.  We have masculine aspects within our feminine selves and feminine aspects within our masculine selves.  We are vulnerable within our strengths and strong in our vulnerabilities.
The key is to recognize the value of harmony and to allow it through our willingness to accept. 


 Just as nature reflects harmony through the life cycle of the butterfly, we too need to accept that metamorphosis and change are part of what creates harmony.  Stagnation and resistance to change do not.
As we are able to bring our living and working spaces into greater alignment with how we experience ourselves in our inner environments, we will experience more harmony in our life, in our families, in our communities and in our world.  Notice what has been changing within you and where that is not accurately reflected in your living and/or working space.  What is bothering you in your home or work space?  Identify it and then make the necessary adjustments.  Release what is no longer needed and bring in the new.  Not only will you, your family and your co-workers benefit, but so will the world.

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