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Opportunity Knocks


Doorways are considered the mouth of Ch’i according to
feng shui.  They are where energy enters the whole home, through the front door, or where energy enters each room in
the home.  
The front door is the place where Universal Ch’i, or the energy out in the world, enters our personal Ch’i bringing
​with it new opportunities and experiences.  It nourishes our life force.
To receive the full benefit of energies available to us, it is important that there is nothing preventing the door from opening a full 90 degrees.  A door that is only able to open partially represents blocked opportunities.  You cannot fully open and receive the energies available to you.
If you store things behind the door, find another location for the items.  If there is a shoe rack or other item keeping the door from opening fully, relocate the item or push it away from the door so that it can swing fully open.


   To further benefit from the universal energies available, keep your front door and the area around it clean and in good working order.  There needs to be a clear, unobstructed pathway to the door. Keep door handles tight and locks working properly.  Remove overgrown shrubbery, dead leaves and branches and any debris in the pathway.  Choose a “greeter” in the form of a doormat, plant, statue, bench or whatever says “welcome” to you.
Wash the front door, light fixtures and other items on the exterior of the house to keep the dirt and bugs away.  Sweep the front porch.  This anchors the intention that you are ready to fully receive all of the benefits, new opportunities and experiences that the Universe is ready to bring your way.  
And when opportunity knocks, you can joyfully welcome it with open arms. 

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