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The Power Position

Why does it matter where we position our desk and chair or our bed or other furniture?  According to feng shui, keeping our central nervous system in balance is the priority.  Safety and Comfort come first.  Out of Safety and Comfort comes Beauty.  Whenever possible, position your desk and chair as well as your bed, so that you have the largest view of the room and you can see the entrance way to the room.


Sometimes that means putting the desk at a 45 degree angle to the doorway.  When it’s not possible to have the largest view of the room and see the doorway, the preference is to be able to see people entering the room without having to turn your head. Position the furniture so you can see the doorway when at the desk.  Many people have neck and back issues because they spend all day at work with their back to the door.  It is human instinct to turn when we hear a noise coming at us and we cannot see what is making the noise.


     If you work at a desk that must be facing the back
​     wall of a room and you are unable to face the doorway,
     help  yourself by placing a mirror or artwork with
     reflective glass  on the wall in front of you so you can
     detect  movement  behind you even when sitting at the            desk.
  This will help you  feel more empowered as
     you will be able to see when there  is movement
​    coming from behind you.


 The same is true for positioning the bed in any room.  Try to give the person in the bed the largest view of the room while being able to see the entrance way.  Keep in mind, you want to be able to do this without having the person in the bed having their feet pointing out the door.  In Ancient China, dead people were removed feet first out the door.  For this reason, position the bed in such a way that the person in bed has the largest view of the room, can see the entrance way and does not have their feet pointing directly out the door.  Not only will you be assisting your Central Nervous System and improving your Health, you will be empowering yourself.     

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