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Why Feng Shui?


Why have a feng shui consultation?  
How do you know when you need one?  
​What will it help with?
Feng Shui literally translates to “Wind, Water”.  Wind represents the unseen forces in our lives such as emotions, stress and stagnant energy that impact us.  Water represents the seen forces.  Like water, these can nourish us, soothe us or destroy our homes when too much comes too quickly.

Feng Shui aims to balance the seen and unseen forces in our lives by assessing the space, making adjustments to the space and allowing for the continuous flow of good energy in and around the space.  This is turn optimizes the support for you in your life.


​  So how do you know when you need feng shui?
  Anytime you are ready for a change, feng shui can help
  support you in realizing that change.  
  Things change inside of us.  
  We feel discontent, frustration or just plain stuck.  
  We are tired, dissatisfied, overwhelmed.  
  We are ready for something new.
  Things change outside of us.  
  Children grow.  Jobs change.  Life happens.
  Feng Shui works together with you and your space to create an  
  optimal environment in your home and, in turn,your life.
  By encouraging you to intentionally make changes to your space,  
  Feng Shui provides a way for you to proactively support yourself
  as you co-create your life. 

Whether it’s a new career,
improvement in your health,
more intimate relationships,
an increase in your wealth and prosperity or
feeling a sense of more harmony and well-being,
feng shui can help.

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